WHY do you need WTIS?

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There are several inspection companies in the wind industry, yet none have the pedigree or technical expertise WTIS.

Our engineers have worked on the turbines for many years and know what to look for and also what is less important. We have seen too many reports over the years focused on trivial issues due to a lack of knowledge on the more technical aspects of a wind turbine. Whilst these trivial issues should and will be captured the more technical issues should and will take priority.

Whether the technical issues are affecting the safe running of the wind turbine, the profitability of the wind turbine or the life span of the wind turbine, these will be put to the forefront of the inspection and detailed inspection report.

Whether it is an inspection to ascertain the current condition of the wind turbine on behalf of the owner, the OEM or an Insurance Company an unbiased professional inspection will take place.