WHAT will WTIS do for you?

WTIS have a comprehensive arsenal of sophisticated equipment to assist with the inspection and depending on the level of inspection chosen by the owner, all of it can be used to really give a real condition and predictability assessment of your valuable Wind Turbine.


The WTIS Report

The WTIS inspection will incorporate the following:

  • An experienced detailed eye
  • Thermographic surveys of the gearbox, motors, and generators
  • Thermographic inspection of the Wind Turbine electrical cabinets and electronics
  • Thermographic inspection of the power export cables and equipment.
  • Thermographic inspection of the Wind Turbines converter system if applicable
  • Thermographic inspection of the ancillary and main transformer
  • Laser alignment test of the Wind Turbines gearbox and generator
  • On-site, real-time oil analysis, comparing what is being put in the gearbox against the condition of the oil within it. This gives immediate, non-contestable evidence of the condition of the Wind Turbine gearbox.
  • Vibration analysis of the bearings
  • Grease analysis where it is possible to get suitable samples, for example the main bearing and generator.
  • Acoustic analysis of the rotating parts
  • A torque check report
  • Blade inspection
  • Photographic evidence of either poor or good workmanship of the maintenance of the Wind Turbine.
  • A desktop study of the available wind turbines data, including frequent errors, parameter changes, yield Vs wind, and availability.
  • A root cause analysis of major breakdowns where the information is
  • A report on the Health and Safety standards.
  • Where faults have been frequently recurring the “5 whys” system approach will get to the root cause of the issue.